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Bridge the Gap Between Reporting and Data Visualization in Power BI

insightsoftware -
September 22, 2023

insightsoftware is a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, empowering organizations to unlock business data and transform the way finance and data teams operate.

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In a rapidly evolving business environment, timely insights from data and the ability to react quickly to change are critical. Business intelligence is a key tool, empowering companies to get the most out of their data by providing tools to analyze information, streamline operations, track performance, and inform decision-making.

Power BI can generate easy-to-read visualizations that help stakeholders perform key analysis. For Microsoft Dynamics customers this means having up-to-date information in Power BI dashboards and the skills to make custom changes when required. However, the complexity of Microsoft Dynamics data structures serves as a roadblock, making it difficult to use Power BI without a proper connection to your data.

Dynamics ERP systems demand the creation of a data warehouse to ensure fast query response times and that data is in a suitable format for Power BI. The skills needed to create a data warehouse are currently in short supply, leading to long lead times, high costs, and unnecessary risks.

Jet Analytics from insightsoftware helps bridge the gap between reporting and data visualization. Designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, Jet Analytics is a cost-effective data preparation, automation, and modeling solution that extends the Microsoft framework to speed-up and de-risk the delivery of a modern data warehouse. With fast, flexible dashboards and reports in Excel and Power BI, Jet allows you to bring all your data together in one place, enabling everyone in the organization to easily perform sophisticated business analysis from anywhere, anytime, without technical expertise.

Turn Data into Insight Immediately with Jet Analytics

Jet Analytics allows quick implementation of Power BI, with a pre-built plug and play analytics project for Dynamics 365 that gets you up and running in hours, not weeks. Jet’s drag and drop interface significantly reduces the technical expertise needed to build or amend projects, because the software automatically generates the SQL script. This metadata-driven approach also allows the project to be managed easily by multiple contributors and documentation to be generated on demand.

With Jet Analytics, you can:

  • Collaborate through a single source of truth.
  • Build critical reports and dashboards without relying on IT.
  • Harness multiple data sources in a single data warehouse.
  • Access dashboards and reports from any web browser through the Jet Hub.

Enable Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

Jet Analytics provides an extensive report and dashboard template library, plus a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that make it possible for virtually anyone in your organization to develop powerful visual dashboards, reports, and ad hoc analysis. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces simplify data management and report creation and do not require users to type code.

With an intuitive data preparation automation and data modeling solution, you get the tools to support all your reporting and analytics needs. Because you can view data inside Excel or Power BI, you can put users in control of their reporting and let them work where they are most comfortable. This allows you to build and share dashboards within minutes, gaining valuable business insight from day one.

Accelerate Power BI Deployment

Jet Analytics helps you get Power BI up and running faster; with Jet you rely less on IT and reduce your need for costly technical experts and consultants. Jet allows you to work with data structures optimized for self-service reporting, reducing the time needed to access accurate and controlled data by up to 80%.

With Jet you can define business logic centrally rather than reimplementing it in every dashboard. This allows you to implement re-usable business logic (e.g., calculations, KPIs) in shared semantic layers, use data sets that combine data from multiple sources, and maximize performance by boosting refresh times, eliminating bottlenecks, and optimizing systems resource usage.

Use Power BI in Minutes with Jet Analytics

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Drive Reporting Performance

Build and share dashboards quickly and easily with Jet, so you can create meaningful visualizations and extract valuable business insights from your data. Build cohesion and improve team output with a complete data preparation, automation, and modeling tool, and a BI customization platform that is five times faster than manual coding.

  • Leverage incremental refresh to optimize resource usage.
  • Turnkey installation in hours, not months.
  • Pre-built OLAP cubes, tabular models, and a data warehouse.
  • Boost refresh times with star schemas, tabular models, and OLAP cubes.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with readily available query evaluation and database performance enhancing tools.

Don’t let the complexity of Microsoft Dynamics data structures stop you from getting the most out of your Power BI. Not only can Jet get you up and running in Power BI quickly without IT involvement, but its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface gives your business users everything they need to create and manage reports regardless of technical expertise. Jet Analytics is designed for self-service reporting and dashboarding without the need for a developer or programmer.

To see how Jet Analytics can help you take full advantage of data visualization in Power BI, schedule a demo today.

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Unlock the Full Power of Data Visualization

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