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Expand Your Application’s Data Connectivity with OEM Data Drivers for Redistribution

As a Software Vendor (ISV) delivering innovative applications, Simba drivers offer seamless data access, linking your applications effortlessly to many data sources. Licensing includes redistribution rights, support, maintenance, and regular driver upgrades to stay current with changes in data source capabilities.

  • Standardized Connectivity Interface - Optimized data retrieval using the proven industry standards ODBC or JDBC for effortless connectivity.
  • Real-Time Data Access - Gain direct access to data without the need for data extraction.
  • Schema Generation - Map non-relational data to a relational format, ensuring widespread application compatibility for streamlined access and analysis.

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Boaz Farkash Head of Product Management

Magnitude Simba was a natural choice as the drivers are trusted by the data source vendors and guaranteed to be compatible with any data source. Business users can connect their Sisense BI tool seamlessly to their disparate data, enabling them to analyze billions of rows and extract insights from these data sets with unparalleled speed and smooth performance without having to write code.

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Arsalan Tavakoli-Shiraji Customer Engagement Lead

When you look at the marketplace... [when] you talk to any of the people in the space, Magnitude Simba is the answer if you want to provide that connectivity.

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Nathan Stephens Director of Solutions Engineering

Simba's highly collaborative approach helped us achieve our enterprise milestone to release new products and features with quick turnaround. Their engineers really cared about the success of our product. We wanted a good partnership and really good connectivity software and we got both.

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Shahed Khalili VP, Product

To know where you stand when it comes to risk and compliance, you need access to important enterprise systems. Simba enables Galvanize to provide streamlined access to any data source so our customers can perform super-powered analysis without the distraction of trying to get to the data.

As a data source provider - Key Benefits for Your Customers:

  • Provide immediate access to data for your customers, without lengthy development cycles
  • Allow your customers to use their favorite BI and analytics tools to access your application’s data (like Logi Symphony, Power BI, Sisense, Qlik, and more)
  • Improve interoperability and integration of your data source with the vast array of systems and applications
  • Improve query performance and the number of supported concurrent users on the same hardware by utilizing Simba high-performance client-server protocol

As a data connectivity seeker - Key Benefits for Your Organization:

  • Take advantage of the best-in-class compatibility with supported data sources and the leading BI tools
  • Increase adoption of your application
  • Free up internal resources to work on your core product, not on implementation and maintenance of standard data access specifications
  • Simplify working with unstructured non-SQL data by complementing any data source or SaaS application with ANSI SQL-92 capability, intelligent schema auto-discovery, provisioning, and customization

Drivers for All Your Data Needs

Utilize our expanding portfolio of data connectors for the most widely used data sources and SaaS applications. Our Most Popular Drivers:

  • Apache Spark ODBC & JDBC Drivers
  • MongoDB ODBC & JDBC Drivers
  • Presto ODBC & JDBC Drivers
  • Salesforce ODBC & JDBC Drivers
  • Trino ODBC & JDBC Drivers

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