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Enhance Your Applications with Self-Service BI Software for OEM

Do you need more control over your reporting and dashboards? Do you struggle with governing data and providing access for users to perform self-service analysis? Is it too difficult to share your data with others and have them understand it?

  • Lower upfront development costs by 50%
  • Lower support costs by 83%
  • Lower licensing costs by 34%


  • Easy Drag and Drop Interface - Empower users to create custom metrics, reports, dashboards, and visualizations through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Embedded Experience - Augment your applications and user experience with embeddable content and white-labelable designs.
  • Augmented Insights - Go beyond basic data and experience decision intelligence by extending data with formulas, trends, predictive capabilities, and AI.

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Increase in User Adoption

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Mukesh Marodia Principal Product Manager

Logi Symphony has enabled us to create an entry-level reporting product that helps customers understand how our product works and the value it can bring to their business. Now, as much as 80% of Data Archive customers have recognized they no longer need a separate reporting solution because they can do so much more with ours.


Faster Report Creation

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Angela Fox Manager of Data Development

The complexity of the 10-03 (Loan Application) is the amount of data, and the specific way the form needs to look. There are five pages per form, and the data is complicated. With the way Logi handles sub-reports we were able to create a final product that looks professional.

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Rick Pysher Chief Operating Officer

Historically, we would uncover an issue late in the process, and fixing it would take a long time. Logi Symphony has helped us tremendously with analysis and visibility of data across the organization.

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Vikas Nehru SVP of Worldwide R&D and Support

We’ve worked with a lot of vendors and I can truly say that Logi Symphony is head and shoulders above every other vendor. Looking ahead, the smartest move is to continue raising the expectations of ourselves and our partners. I have no doubt Logi Symphony is up to the challenge.

The Advantages of Self-Service BI

Faster Insights

Self-service BI allows business users to analyze data from any data source without waiting for IT to provide a requested report.


Faster Time to Market

Self-service BI enables product teams to go to market immediately by implementing a do-it-yourself (DIY) interface into your applications and allowing your end users to explore data and discover insights.


Bespoke Reporting

With self-service dashboards, you can unleash the power of data and create your own custom reports. Self-service dashboards let you explore, analyze, and visualize data however you want.


Must-Have Features to Master Self-Service BI

Empower users to create custom dashboards and reports to see the data behind the numbers and get instant answers to critical business questions.

  • Drag-and-Drop Pivot-Table Style Metrics
  • Trending and Forecasting
  • Excel-Like Formulas
  • Drill Down / Drill Through
  • Interactivity
  • Collaboration
  • Exporting
  • User Security
  • White Labeling

Spend More Time Analyzing Data and Less Time Developing Dashboards

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