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Rigid Analytics
Cause Low User

Users have differing levels of data literacy. When you serve them all the exact same experience, many lose the ability to make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, users are often sent out of the workflow to access data, having to create pivot-tables to mold data into insights.

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Roadmap Delays Incur High Development Costs

Developer teams are expected to source and build features on a tight timeline. However, keeping up with user demand for analytical functionality eats up time and money, taking resources away from core app features and amassing technical debt that stalls the product roadmap.

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Solutions Aren’t Secure and Don’t Connect to Your Data Sources

Disparate data sources hinder connectivity and a security framework that requires duplication across different layers of the application increases vulnerabilities and reduces control over user access.

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Designed Specifically for Software Teams, Logi Composer Delivers the First Out-of-the-box Development Experience for Embedded Analytics

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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Embed Analytics in Your Application

Set Your Application Apart With Dashboards and Data Visualization

Logi Composer can be as lightweight or robust as you need it to be. Develop dashboards and data visualizations that drive adoption and engagement.

Key Capabilities That Support Customization

White label analytics with branded themes, extend functionality with APIs, and seamlessly embed in your application for a fully-customized analytics experience.

Not One-size-fits-all Self Service

Tailor the self-service experience to the skill level of your users. Create limitless opportunities for interaction by configuring visual and dashboard interactivity including drill downs, filters, and zoom. Enable users to build their own analytics dashboards or replay streams of historical data using our Data DVR

A Microservices Architecture That Scales

Scale up and down as needed with a container-ready microservices architecture that allows you to build, deploy, and automate. Utilize your existing data infrastructure and security framework so you don’t need redundant technology investments.

Connects to the Data Sources You Already Have

Composer’s powerful query engine and 50+ out-of-the-box Smart Data Connectors enable you to connect to all your data, including data from real-time streaming, search, document-based, and cloud-based warehouses.

Preparing Your Data for Analytics Has Never Been Easier

Streamline connectivity, preparation, and enrichment

  • Connect to data stores such as cloud data warehouses, Hadoop, NoSQL document store, streaming, and search engine.
  • Connect to traditional SQL databases and modern data warehouses.
  • Enrich data with custom metrics, filters, sorts, new columns, and labels.
  • Avoid heavy data modeling or coding.
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Rapidly Build Embedded Analytics for Your Application

Complete Control Over the End-user Experience

  • Easy-to-use visual authoring workflow for building engaging, interactive dashboards without coding.
  • Create a persistent look and feel by seamlessly embedding analytics into your application with custom themes and extensibility that goes beyond just colors and styling.
  • Build visuals once and reuse them in multiple dashboards.
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Deliver an Exceptional Self-Service Experience

Personalize to the Skill Level of Your End User

  • While others take a one-size-fits-all approach, we empower your application teams to embed and customize end-user self-service.
  • Granular controls allow you to define levels of end-user self-service and dashboard interactivity at the feature level.
  • Precise controls over end-user data access and governance ensure a secure discovery experience.
  • Provide end users with the freedom to visually author analytics content and perform ad hoc analysis all within your application.
  • Data DVR enables your end users to explore and interact with embedded analytics content including play, rewind, pause and fast forward of real-time and historical data.
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Modern Data Connectivity and Superior Query Performance

Unlock Modern Data Connectivity and Query Performance

  • Explore massively large data sets with speed and scale from relational, NoSQL, multisource, and other non-traditional data sources.
  • A broad set of Smart Data Connectors for modern data stores such as search engines, streaming and cloud data warehouses let you access all your data without the need to move or prep it in advance.
  • Logi Composer respects the uniqueness of different data sources. z-Engine analyzes and optimizes queries pushing processing down to the data store enabling the processing of thousands of concurrent user requests.
  • z-Engine’s Fusion technology empowers multi-source analysis empowering end users to easily interact with visualizations across different data sources by virtually combining them so they appear to be from a single source.
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Microservices Architecture for Speed and Scale

Elastically Scale With Cloud-ready Microservices

  • Container-ready modern microservices architecture allows you to build, deploy, and automate at cloud speed.
  • Deploy on premise, in cloud, or hybrid.
  • Horizontal scale with distributed microservices helps you avoid Single Points of Failure (SPoF) and assures high availability with no proprietary hardware required.
  • Elastic scale lets you optimize compute resources by scaling up and down resources such as CPU process power and RAM when and where you need it.
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Embeddability & Extensibility

Embed Into Existing Applications and Extend to customize

  • Integrate visual analytics and data into business processes and applications
  • White label, embed and extend
  • Custom visualizations (integrate your own chart, graph, or map package).
  • Derived fields and calculations for sophisticated analytics.
  • Automate actions and workflows.
  • iFrameless embedding, JavaScript libraries, REST APIs.
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Adaptive, Ironclad Security for Your Data

  • Authentication: Adheres to standards-based authentication protocols such as LDAP, Kerberos (SPNEGO), OAUTH2, X509, and SAML2
  • Authorization: Logi Composer supports application and data access control. Authorization groups can be inherited by a directory provider such as LDAP or Active Directory or delegated to the underlying data platform provider such as Ranger or Sentry.
  • Auditing: All user activity can be audited and recorded in application logs for further analysis using Logi Composer itself.
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Two Human Heads

2021 Dresner Advisory Services Business Intelligence Market Study

In-depth research on the state of business intelligence (BI)

For 9 years Dresner Advisory Services has run analysis on the importance of business intelligence, and the different providers of embedded BI solutions.
BI Defined

Business intelligence is the technological capability to include BI features and functions as an inherent part of another application.

You’ll learn:

  • Analysis and Trends on Business Intelligence Users
  • Importance of Business Intelligence
  • Industry and Vendor Analysis

Work with the #1 Developer-Grade Analytics Platform Focused Exclusively on Embedding Analytics.

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Now we can just run a report in Logi Symphony and we don’t have to monitor or manage it. This allows our team more opportunities to actually focus on a primary business objective of analyzing claims data.

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