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insightsoftware’s Stock Plan Administration Team Reduces Cost and Saves Days of Work for VAALCO Energy, Inc.

By improving data quality and dramatically reducing the time required for equity management, outsourcing to insightsoftware has reduced the costs associated with plan administration at this energy firm.

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VAALCO was looking for a way to both save time for its internal team and improve the quality and speed of administration and reporting.


With insightsoftware technology and administrative services, VAALCO gets the high-quality data management, reporting, and expertise they needed. The equity team there is very satisfied with the service they receive and is more productive than ever.


Since outsourcing to insightsoftware, VAALCO has benefited from better data quality and fewer errors, reduced cost and processing time, and higher team productivity. After migrating to insightsoftware for earnings per share (EPS) calculation, Lloyd estimates that she reduced the amount of time involved from a whole day to just a couple of hours.

I have nothing but good things to say about insightsoftware administrative services. It’s a good product and top-notch service.

Sonja Loyd Financial Reporting Manager

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