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Finance Team Embraces More Efficient, Eco-Friendly Reporting with Hubble

Recology used Hubble to help speed up and enhance its financial reporting processes while also reducing waste by slashing its use of paper-based reports.


"Hubble reporting is easy to deal with, really easy to install and the training classes were great. Overall, it’s an intuitive product."

initial-block-Recology Bruce MacKenzie Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis
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Easy to Use

Any user can run their reports and add new features without technical training or relying on IT assistance

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Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Paper-based reports have been all but eliminated from the financial reporting process, savings waste and costs

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More Accurate

The finance team no longer relies on Excel exports and has greater confidence in its numbers


Recology, a leading independent employee-owned recycling and resource recovery company in the western US, was using an obsolete ERP system. Due to its dated infrastructure, their JD Edwards version 8.0 required the use of MS-DOS to extract data for reporting. As a result, an inordinate amount of time, energy, paper, financial and technical resources were widely being wasted – completely contrary to the efficient WASTE ZERO approach Recology stands on. The JD Edwards reports in version 8.0 were so inflexible to use that Finance would have to rely heavily on IT to create custom reports. By the time they got the reports back from IT, the numbers were out of date and Finance still had to perform data dump exercises to drill down to the underlying detail. So instead of Finance being able to concentrate on analyzing financial trends, the majority of their time was spent manipulating numbers.


Aside from upgrading to JD Edwards 9.1, the Finance team recognized the need for a more sophisticated and user-friendly financial reporting solution. They chose Hubble, an all-inclusive solution by insightsoftware that integrated directly with their ERP. The software empowered the Finance team to pull data in real time from JDE, leverage prebuilt templates or create their own custom reports, and eliminate the Excel export to have greater confidence in the integrity of their numbers. Today, Recology has implemented Hubble Reporting across all of its Finance and Accounting functions. Staff can run their own reports without relying on IT assistance. Accountants and financial managers can add new features to the reports such as percentages and different columns, without any technical training. In addition, the company created a new folder and hierarchy structure so that locating saved reports is intuitive and simple, even for a new employee. Lastly, the reports translate and present well in a PDF format, eliminating the time (and paper) spent printing from the legacy system.


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Company: Recology Job Title: Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis Role: Finance
Industry: Admin, Support, Waste Mgmt, Remediation ERP/EPM System: JD Edwards