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Consolidate accounts in compliance with IFRS

CAMILLE HAUTEVILLE Head of Consolidation, France Air Group France Air

IFRS16 Standard Compliance

Julien ST PIERRE Senior Manager, Accounting And Corporate Reporting CBC

IFRS 16 standard compliance

Andrew Jackson Chief Financial Accountant, IMI Plc IMI

IFRS 16 standard compliance

James Imrie Assistant Group Financial Controller, Rotork Plc Rotork

Insource its statutory consolidation

Stephane Leymarie Primonial Head of Accounting Primonial

IFRS 16 standard compliance

Laurent Crochet Consolidation Officer Nexity

Ensure the reliability and security of the consolidation process

Patrick Lair KP1 Group Accounting Director KP1

IFRS 16 standard compliance

Benoît Daget Director of Consolidation Clarins

Assist strategy and growth dynamics thanks to reliable reporting

Hong-Linh Tran Group Financial Controller, 5àSec Group 5àsec

Agility for the Win! - Certent CDM from insightsoftware removes manual processes for insurance provider

Sylvia De Vries Program Director for Finance Transformation OUTsurance