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IFRS 16 standard compliance

Bank Building


With over 100 lease contracts, BDC must comply with IFRS 16 requirements and was obliged to do so from the start of its financial year in April 2019. After a comparative analysis of the different applications available in the market, the bank decided to go with Viareport’s solution, Lease.


  • Easy-to-use and intuitive
  • Possibility of monitoring modifications and terms of leases and identifying the precise effect of standards
  • Generation of accounting entries
  • Controls on levels of access and validations

140 Lease Contracts

and 12 Lease users

We needed a tool that would meet our compliance requirements and that would also be easy to use. We realized that Viareport was the software publisher that could best meet our expectations, with Lease, its application designed specifically to comply with IFRS 16. The deployment project was completed simply and without any complications, within the projected time frame. Viareport was responsive to our needs and to the improvements we required.


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