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Use a consolidation solution more adaptable and flexible than SAP FC in order to meet external growth challenges

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Astek Group was using an outdated and rigid legacy statutory consolidation software that generated problems during statutory consolidation periods. Finance Department teams were often required to complete their consolidation in Excel. In 2016, the new Astek Group CFO decided to adopt a new tool in order to simplify their consolidation process and rely on a trustworthy audit trail.


  • Simplified consolidation process
  • Significant time saved during period-end closing
  • Reliable audit trail

Employees 3,100

across 12 countries

I was well acquainted with SAP FC and I knew that Viareport had customized its interface to adapt it to smaller-sized Groups. I had prior experience working with Conso & Report and I found this tool to be well designed, simple and easy to set up, and available at a very competitive price in the market.

Morgane Ermery Chief Financial Officer, Astek Group

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