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Major Natural Gas and Energy Service Provider Expedites Reporting Process with GL Wand

Osaka Gas now able access and drill down their SAP financial data in real time

09 2021 Casestudy Osakagas

Main benefits: 

  • Save time: Easily create refreshable reports to analyze your month-end and ad-hoc request. With GL Wand the time saving has been tangible. 
  • Leverage Excel skills: No need for your finance team to learn new skills. Build your reports comfortably in excel and access the data you need with ease. 
  • Accurate, detailed dataRemove the risk of data integrity and drill down on your information as much as you need. 

We were able to have our reports run almost immediately. As soon as the end of month is finished, all we need to do is refresh the data. If we want to add in a new journal, we post the journal, refresh the data, and the report is available straight away. The time savings has been tangible.

Tracy Lippiatt Independent Business Consultant with Osaka Gas Australia

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