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Leading Hardware Provider Reports the Building of Advanced, Sophisticated Reports with the Help of GL Wand and Wand Reports

Les Entreprises Barrette leverages GL Wand and Wand Reports to build more advanced reports, save time, empower staff, and access live data

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After installing SAP in 2003, Les Entreprises Barrette used various methods to extract data from the ERP system and create financial reports. These methods were time consuming and the data inevitably ended up in Excel for formatting and presentation, leading the company to consider alternative reporting tools that could expedite reporting processes.

Prior to exploring reporting alternatives, Barrette obtained and transferred SAP data to Excel in several ways. For some reports, data was extracted from the SAP ECC 600 system and a retrieve function was used to populate reports in Excel. For more comprehensive reports, SAP Business Objects was used to get data, after which it was exported to Excel. To build financial statements for shareholders, data was extracted from SAP, sent to Microsoft Access, and then retrieved from Access via an SQL link into Excel. Not only were these methods inefficient, but they also left the finance team dependent on expert skill sets.


After a comprehensive search and product evaluation, Barrette installed GL Wand in May 2015 and began seeing immediate results. 

“Our monthly consolidation process took half a day using Access and Excel, but with GL Wand it takes about three minutes to retrieve all the information we need,” said Yann Pourchasse, Financial Analyst. “Also, the process is much more transparent with GL Wand and we don’t rely on our Access expert. We expect even more benefits as more reports are converted.”

Barrette is also using Reports Wand to place SAP transaction codes directly into Excel. For example, if a user wishes to review accruals at month’s end without drilling into the postings, Reports Wand can directly retrieve the transaction. This was formerly a cut-and-paste process.

“With GL Wand, it takes about three minutes to retrieve all the information we need. We’re saving a half day’s effort during our monthly consolidation process with just this one report.”

Yann Pourchasse Financial Analyst

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