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Director of Non-Profit Makes Multi-System Data Consolidation Simple with Jet Analytics

Harvesters Food Bank uses Jet Analytics integration to close the gap between two systems and gain a single source of accurate data for simplified reporting

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In the midst of upgrading their Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, Harvesters, the Community Food Network, was experiencing difficulties with mismatched system architectures. They needed a solution that could create a single report looking at both systems’ transactions, removing the possibility of errors, and streamlining the process for non-technical users. Further complicating the issue, the go-live date for the new Dynamics NAV system was scheduled to occur a few weeks before year-end, so the existing reports would not work during this critical period. Failure was not an option for the thriving organization and the partners who depend on their support.


Instead of rewriting reports and completely migrating the transactional data from one system to another, Harvesters decided to use Jet Analytics to consolidate data from both systems. Jet Analytics uses data warehouse automation technology and cubes to streamline processes and seamlessly integrate multiple data sources. The food bank was also able to use existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports with simple alterations to match the data warehouse table structure, saving hard-earned time and money. Thanks to the speed and ease of transition, the Harvesters team achieved the go-live date for the new ERP system, and the food bank produced the time-sensitive fiscal year-end reports without any delays

“We saw benefits immediately. Crossing the gap between the two systems and having a single source of accurate data for reporting was a huge asset to the organization.”

Noreen Zahner Director of Quality Assurance

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