Software Solutions and Consulting Services Firm Streamlines Reporting Processes with Atlas

enVista chooses Atlas, and quickly benefits from improved data accuracy, time savings and centralized reporting practices.

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Experienced the following reporting pain points prior to implementing Atlas:

  • Rekeying data from Microsoft Dynamics into spreadsheets
  • Heavy reliance on IT to create or edit reports

Used Atlas for reporting beyond Financials/GL in the following area:

  • Procurement

Chose Atlas over the following tools:

  • Business intelligence solutions (Targit, JetReports, Zap, BI365)
  • An Excel Add-in


Experienced the following benefits as a result of Atlas:

  • Streamlined report creation
  • Improved data accuracy

Streamlined the following process by using Atlas:

  • Extracting data from Microsoft Dynamics / relational database

Gained the ability to do the following by using Atlas:

  • Centralize reporting practices
  • Gain Data Validation capability
  • Increase time savings

Freed up 50-100 hours in one year throughout their organization by using Atlas for reporting.

Freed up 100-200 hours in one year throughout their organization by using the data migration / upload functionality within Atlas.

“Atlas standardized and centralized our reporting templates; we can now provide more accurate data in less time to more people.”

James Van Buskirk
IT Professional

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