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IT Professional in Technology Company Uses Atlas as a Data Migration Tool and Save Over 300 Hours

Atlas takes Arbela Technologies to the next level with improved access to live data to make strategic decisions.

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The business challenges that led the Arbela Technologies to evaluate and ultimately select Atlas by Global Software, Inc.:

  • Rekeying data from Microsoft Dynamics into spreadsheets
  • Manual, multi-step reporting processes
  • Lack of access to real-time information
  • Heavy reliance on IT to create or edit reports
  • Creating reports in a timely manner
  • Lack of data accuracy and/or validity
  • Combining / consolidating GL and non-GL data from multiple ERP & relational database sources
  • Limitation(s) of Management Reporter or Excel Add-in

Chose Atlas over the following tools:

  • Business intelligence solutions (Targit, JetReports, Zap, BI365)
  • Management Reporter
  • An Excel Add-in


Arbela Technologies achieved the following results with Atlas:

  • The removal of disparate static excel sheets
  • Streamlined report creation
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improved access to live data to make strategic decisions
  • Users being able to create their own reports, and less dependence on IT
  • Visibility into the overall business strategy
  • The ability to upload data directly from Excel

Streamlined the following processes by using Atlas:

  • Extracting data from Microsoft Dynamics / relational database
  • Sharing of reports/dashboards with the team or management
  • Month-end close & Management / Board Reporting Package
  • Reporting outside the GL, such as Inventory, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchasing, Projects, etc.
  • Preparing Audit and Tax schedules
  • Budgeting / Forecasting processes
  • Data migration / upload
  • Integrating report information with Microsoft Office tools

Gained the ability to do the following by using Atlas:

  • Identify incorrectly allocated funds and/or duplicate invoices due to reporting errors
  • Centralize reporting practices
  • Gain Data Validation capability
  • Increase the ability to complete tactical, complex analysis
  • Increase time savings

"I have saved over 300 hours using Atlas as the data migration tool."

Mark Mitchell IT Professional

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