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Leading Australian Energy Provider Simplifies Reporting with Reports Wand

Electricity and natural gas provider ActewAGL benefits from Reports Wand’s direct links to R12 and saves time, improves reporting process, and clarifies complex reports for staff



In R11i, ActewAGL used Discoverer for reporting data from Oracle’s Projects module, along with web-based views of Projects data created by a skilled in-house SQL developer.

Although the highly customized web views were popular with project managers and Finance staff, an important R12 reimplementation goal was to minimize customizations. Because of Oracle’s discontinued Discoverer support and major R12 changes to Oracle database tables, the previous SQL was unusable, so ActewAGL implemented OBIEE for its reporting needs.

OBIEE is a complex business intelligence (BI) tool that typically requires consulting expertise for implementation and report migration. Ultimately, specifying reports proved difficult, consultants couldn’t deliver usable reports within the allotted time frame, and OBIEE’s data inherently arrived a day old, displeasing business users.

“We were near R12 go-live with no transactional and project management reports,” Christie said. With the R12 launch looming, ActewAGL turned to Reports Wand


“Running reports from familiar Excel was advantageous for Finance and Project Management, plus Reports Wand provides real-time data,” explained Christie.

With Reports Wand’s direct links to R12 and no data warehouse or extra hardware requirements, its fast installation let two consultants immediately begin creating reports across Oracle modules with R12-compatible SQL.

“We could internally create/cut down SQL from those initial reports to produce report templates in-house that were specific to each business area and included various columns, calculations, graphs, and dashboards requested by project managers,” said Christie. “Our project managers appreciate real-time data delivery in Reports Wand and continually think of ways to fine-tune reports. Also, accountants claim that just one report has saved three hours on each monthly close.”

Additionally, Christie said the user experience continues to improve as insightsoftware enhances Reports Wand with functionality like the ability to use Oracle List of Values.

“Our project managers appreciate real-time data delivery in Reports Wand and continually think of ways to fine-tune reports.”

Donna Christie Finance Applications and Reporting Specialist

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