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Partners in Innovation: Voice of the Customer Enhancements to Logi Symphony

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July 19, 2023

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It’s no secret that companies that listen to their customers have a greater chance at success. That is why we value our customers’ voice at insightsoftware. You use our products every day to run your organization, make critical decisions, achieve your business goals, and bring success to your own stakeholders. This approach provides you with a unique perspective on how our offerings can be enhanced with new features and tools that help you and your end users work better.

This is especially true with our embedded analytics offering, Logi Symphony, where we regularly solicit feedback through insightsoftware’s customer community. Here’s how it works. Our Logi customers share their feedback, wants, needs, and desires through our innovations portal. These feedback threads are vital assets that we use to develop new features for inclusion in upcoming product releases.

Our latest product release for Logi Symphony included dozens of new features and tools directly sourced from our customers. Let’s explore some of the latest enhancements and how they improve our industry-leading embedded analytics solution.

Self-Service Enhancements

Our customers love Logi Symphony’s self-service functionality because it can transfer the power of content creation, exploration, and analysis to their end users. Our embedded analytics are flexible enough to accommodate self-service at all levels of experience and technical knowledge. Even if they seem like minor adjustments, these customer ideas for bolstering in-app self-service have a significant, positive impact on the end-user experience.

The General Self-Service Enhancements in the latest product release include:

  • View/Edit Mode for a Dashboard offers further customization and engagement options for end-users. View mode must respect interactivity, responsive layout and limit operations with dashboard.
  • New Dashboard Layout allows “locking” visual position, swap visual position and adaptive layout for mobile devices.
  • Self-Service Scheduling allows timed delivery of dashboard reports for users outside of Composer (anonymous case).
  • Self-Service Sharing allows you to schedule dashboard distribution with Editor Access to users.

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Visual Enhancements

Application and development teams are moving beyond data visualization to data storytelling. Our customers and their end users want deep, rich visuals that tell a story which conveys meaning and context in ways that facts and figures alone cannot.

The Visual Enhancements in the latest product release include:

  • XLSX Export adds the potential to export Raw and Visual data into xlsx format.
  • Visual Level Formatting offers Number and Date formatting for all visuals like how Number and Date formatting is available for Table visual.
  • Label Positioning allows labels for visuals to be positioned on axis with different orientation.
  • Hide Pickers provides an option to hide visual pickers to optimize space and remove redundant information.
  • New Interactive Legends for all Visuals simplifies report navigation for non-technical users.
  • Context Menu for Non-Grouped Data provides further self-service user empowerment with our new context menu for ungrouped data.
  • Dashboard Filter Snippet provides users with quick and easy interactive filtering options directly on the dashboard using the new Filter Snippet control.

Data Connectivity Enhancements

Data and content authors are the first users in the app building infrastructure and content. It is important for our customers to access advanced connectors and data transformation features so they can build a robust data layer.

Improvements in the last product release include:

  • OData API provides a standard way to get data, supporting industry standards.
  • Simba Partnership now offers two new options for data connectors.
  • QE Caching for Raw Data to increase performance
  • Localization (I-18n) Support for Source Metadata for dashboards and reports, allows translations for fields and metrics labels.

Your voice matters, and we love hearing feedback on providing our customers with the features and tools you and your stakeholders need. Together, we are delivering a robust embedded analytics solution that is improving the way product teams build their apps and helping create a data-centric culture for countless end users who seek deep insights into their business.

Go here to learn more about Logi Symphony and to see for yourself why our embedded analytics offerings are the right solution for you and your customers.

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