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New Features Improve Real-Time Performance for Hubble Web and Desktop Users

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Does your team have the latest, cutting-edge upgrades for reporting in their hands? Can they communicate and collaborate via a central platform? Are they enabled to flexibly format reports to fit different target audiences?

Hubble’s latest version, 22.4, allows existing customers to use these new features in both Web and Desktop environments. Achieve your business goals with easy, immediate access to business-critical data. With this new version, Hubble makes sure the right data is at your fingertips so that your finance team can deliver timely, accurate information to senior stakeholders. In our current business climate, decisions must be made swiftly and accurately, and our new Hubble enhancements will help.

Follow along as we navigate through how our latest version of Hubble for web and desktop users takes your reporting to the next level so that your team achieves its goals. Or watch the video here.

How to Use Date Part
Calculation in Hubble


It’s Time to Move on From Native Reporting Tools

Hubble remains the ideal reporting solution for JD Edwards (JDE) and Oracle EBS, offering an intuitive alternative to inflexible, slow native reporting tools. Traditional tools often forces users to spend time defining and categorizing the data they need, and then manually exporting it into Microsoft Excel, where users are compelled to manipulate and format it to create their reports.

Native ERP reporting tools can leech valuable time away from your finance team. Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • Your month-end close process takes days or weeks to complete: You’re likely spending more time consolidating data than you are on regular financial processes.
  • You’re making strategic business decisions without accurate information: Manually exporting data from JDE and Oracle EBS into Excel to create reports and analyze data is not just inefficient, it’s also prone to errors.
  • You don’t have the technical skills to build your reports or dashboards: Out-of-the-box reporting tools provided with JDE and Oracle EBS tend to require heavy IT involvement to customize.

Hubble Delivers Top-Level JDE and Oracle EBS Performance

Hubble by insightsoftware will provide you with a deep understanding of your business systems. Gain real-time access to your JDE or Oracle E-Business EBS ERP data and analyze it alongside other sources of data. Users will love the automatically populated reports for streamlined analysis, without all the complexity. Finance teams can see up-to-the-minute revenue forecasts, while operations teams can track production volumes for the current shift against daily targets.

Get up and running fast:

    • Easy to install, easier to use
    • Time to value in 1-2 days
    • Minimal IT impact
    • Enables Remote Workers

Hubble Stays Cutting-Edge With New Version

Now we can dig into what’s new with Hubble. Gain access to our newest enhancements for Hubble Web and Desktop users, which aim to increase productivity and ease of use so you can get the most out of your Hubble investment. Customers with paid support are invited to upgrade to version 22.4. New, cutting-edge benefits for our Hubble Desktop and Hubble Web customers include:

New Features for Existing Hubble Desktop users:

What’s in it for Hubble Desktop customers? Faster, Easier Access to Useful Tools and Information. Our latest highlights in the Hubble Desktop 22.4 version are:

    • Custom Conditional Formatting — With this feature, customers will benefit by not having to set the default format in a way they want for all companies, and then set up an override for those which may involve many ranges.

New Features for Existing Hubble Web users:

What’s in it for Hubble Web customers? Faster, Easier Access to Useful Tools and Information. Our latest highlights in the Hubble Web 22.4 version are:

    • Web Workspace Redesign — Hubble Web users can now view their existing Hubble workspaces in the new design area of the Hubble Web. This feature includes full screen preview.
    • Comment Editing Option — With the new version, Hubble Webb now provides users the ability to add and edit comments in the Web Reporting interface.

Next Steps for Your Next-Level Hubble Experience

Hubble for JD Edwards and Oracle EBS is easy to install and easy to use, getting you up and running in less than an hour. Access live JD Edwards or Oracle EBS data and generate accurate custom analysis without IT support. Free online training will get you up to speed so you can use dozens of pre-built reports immediately, and easily answer ad hoc requests.

Find out more about Hubble here and discover why it can be the best fit for your team.

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