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Hubble Outshines JDE Reporting Competition

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JD Edwards (JDE) is a fully integrated ERP software suite that provides you with a choice of databases and deployment options, including on-premises, public, private, or hybrid cloud for maximized flexibility. However, while JDE is powerful, it’s not user-friendly and it doesn’t produce easy-to-understand visuals. You want to get the most out of your investment and this means getting rapid, real-time access to information in JDE. So, what’s the solution? Business performance reporting tools make it easier to derive value from your JDE system.

Problems to Solve When Using Other Solutions

The JDE ERP system excels at recording thousands of data entries and transactions across your entire organization in real time. However, getting information out of JDE is time-consuming and laborious.

There are lots of JDE reporting solutions on the market that promise the world, but don’t hook into JDE properly, so you can’t get data in real time. In the worst cases, they can even slow down the reporting process, forcing users to turn to the IT department to run reports. In today’s world, you can’t wait days or even hours for information from your ERP system. To maintain a competitive advantage, you need JD Edwards reporting tools that reliably deliver faster reporting.

Here are some areas where the other competitive solutions on the market fall flat when compared to Hubble:

  • Unprepared to handle larger data volumes (multi-years of data).
  • No central library of reusable report objects.
  • No row-level comments to capture user commentary for others.

With a powerful, easy-to-use reporting solution, like Hubble, that is optimized for JD Edwards and Oracle EBS, your team gains immediate value from your data. In fact, most Hubble customers report trimming 60% or more off their previous reporting processes with a competitor.

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Where Hubble Outshines the Competition

Hubble offers a flexible library of 240 pre-built, out-of-the-box report templates that are easy to build and customize. Customers can shrink month-end and year-end close processes by up to 50% with an all-in-one reporting and analytics tool for JD Edwards and Oracle EBS. Hubble allows you to:

  • Export any reporting data to Excel.
  • Begin using and building reports immediately.
  • Shorten lengthy month-end close process.
  • Make strategic business decisions with accurate information.
  • Build reports or dashboards without technical skills.

Hubble for JD Edwards is easy to install and easy to use, getting you up and running in less than an hour. Access live JD Edwards data and generate accurate custom analysis without IT support. Free online training will get you up to speed so you can use dozens of pre-built reports immediately, and easily answer ad hoc requests.

And did we forget to say that 81% of surveyed JD Edwards customers agreed that their insightsoftware solution helped improve their JD Edwards reporting process?

Hubble Best Practices: Using Designer Express to Create Custom Templates – Part 1

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Be Ready to Answer Any Question Thrown at You

With a direct, real-time connection to your JD Edwards data, you can report across any module and analyze data by drilling down from summary to transactional detail, without requiring specialist technical knowledge. Get a handle on costs in the short term, access the data you need as input into continually evolving forecasts, and respond quickly to answer new questions that arise over the coming weeks.

Use Pre-Built Reports to Make Sense of Your Business in Uncertain Times

Each pre-built Hubble report provides more flexibility than your native JD Edwards reports, allowing you to filter on many more fields and include additional fields on the report to answer common questions around cost control. Examples include:

  • AP Cash Forecast – Understand projected cash usage related to AP by month, with the ability to run the report “as of” any chosen date.
  • Aged Debt Percentage Over 30 Days KPI – This KPI Metric shows the percentage of your AR Aged Debt that is more than 30 days overdue, with traffic lighting showing green when it is below five percent, amber between five and ten percent, and red for over ten percent.
  • AP Discounts Lost – List of payments where discounts were available but not taken, with the ability to run “as of” any chosen date.
  • Departmental Spend Analysis – View business units by object account comparing actual versus budget variances.
  • Sales Orders Shipped but Not Invoiced – Show sales orders that have been shipped but not invoiced, affecting your order-to-cash performance.
  • SOP Margin by Customer – List the gross margin by customer for the invoice date range selected.

Mizuno Drives JDE Value With Hubble

An example of Hubble’s performance over competitors is found with Mizuno Corporation. Its EMEA finance team was using outdated systems and processes that hadn’t changed in over 20 years. Five accounting systems, two operating systems, and a heavy reliance on manual processes and procedures had become the norm and the use of static spreadsheets was ingrained at the Osaka, Japan-based company. Team members were struggling to make sense of the massive amounts of data at their fingertips.

Mizuno wanted a solution that offered reliable access to up-to-date information. Having already implemented JD Edwards, they needed a superior reporting product that would empower end-users to find their answers without having to rely on IT. The team looked at Qlikview, ReportsNow, and Hubble. After careful evaluation of all three, they decided on Hubble.

Mizuno’s finance users liked the ease of use with Hubble and the fact that there were hundreds of pre-built reports, slashing the time spent creating standard reports after implementation. Hubble was fast, both in terms of implementation and inquiry running time. The team was up and running in a single day, and reports were populated in mere seconds whereas other solutions would take minutes, or worse, hours. Mizuno found the partnership between Hubble and JD Edwards extremely favorable because it meant receiving the latest updates and features going forward.

Hubble is now at the core of Mizuno’s reporting strategy in EMEA. In the future, the company hopes to take advantage of the analytics and planning products to make its ERP data even smarter, according to Azad Brepotra, a project manager with Mizuno.

“Hubble offers an integrated solution for reporting, planning, and analytics. With real-time access, we can manage the day-to-day and also provide foresight for the future,” said Brepotra.

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Hubble Has Advantages Over Other Solutions for JD Edwards

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