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A Stitch in Time: How Jet Analytics Boosts Microsoft Fabric Time-to-Value

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Microsoft recently introduced a comprehensive analytics solution for its enterprise customers, Microsoft Fabric. The solution offers data movement, data science, real-time analytics, and business intelligence within a single platform. Microsoft Fabric offers a unified platform for data engineering, science, and analytics, integrating data from Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory, and using open storage for accessibility and portability.

However, the hype surrounding Fabric can be overwhelming, and it’s essential to cut through the marketing noise to understand the product’s true capabilities. Especially if you lack dedicated Microsoft technical skills and knowledge, Fabric can be a complex platform that requires a steep learning curve to master.

Or does it?

With the right technology solutions in place, you can stay ahead of the proverbial learning curve and experience the full potential of your Fabric integration from day one.

Mastering Data: Effectively Manage Your Data

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How Jet Analytics Enhances Microsoft Fabric

Jet Analytics from insightsoftware is a complete data preparation, automation and modeling solution that enables Microsoft Dynamics customers to accelerate Dynamics ERP-ready BI projects without requiring specialist skills. It is a complete tool for data preparation, automation, and modeling, which simplifies data management and speeds up time-to-value.

Jet streamlines many aspects of data administration, greatly improving data solutions built on Microsoft Fabric. It enhances analytics capabilities, streamlines migration, and enhances data integration. Through Jet’s integration with Fabric, your organization can better handle, process, and use your data. This allows you to fully utilize your Fabric-based systems and overcome typical obstacles related to complex data environments.

Bridge Functional Gaps

Fabric has shifted away from traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS), presenting users with a new challenge. Jet Analytics makes your transition to Fabric easier by abstracting the complexities of coding in T-SQL or Spark required for Fabric Warehouses and Delta Lakes. Jet offers a more intuitive method of managing and engaging with these systems, bridging the knowledge gap and accelerating time to value. This approach allows your users to deliver robust data solutions within Fabric up to 10 times faster than with Fabric’s built-in capabilities alone.

Unified, Low-Code Interface

Jet Analytics offers a single, unified low-code interface that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Fabric. Jet’s interface lets you handle data administration easily, without advanced coding skills. You don’t need technical skills to manage complex data workflows in the Fabric environment.

Enhanced Data Quality and Validation

Jet Analytics guarantees that data operations within Microsoft Fabric and OneLake prioritize data quality and validation. With Jet’s extensive capabilities for data validation, enrichment, and cleansing, it ensures that the data used for analysis is accurate and dependable. This allows your team to confidently produce the airtight insights your leadership need to navigate the business.

Data Discovery and Semantic Layer

By facilitating effective data discovery and the development of a semantic layer, Jet gives Fabric users more control. This straightforward and user-friendly access to source data makes it easier for your business users to examine and extract insights from your core data systems.

Data Lineage and Documentation

Jet Analytics simplifies the process of documenting data assets and tracking data lineage in Fabric. It offers a transparent and accurate view of how data flows through the system, ensuring robust compliance.

Data Transformation and Modeling

Jet’s low-code environment lets your users transform and model their data within Fabric, making data preparation for analysis easy.

Data Governance and Compliance

Data governance, integrity, and compliance within Fabric are guaranteed by Jet’s seamless integration with OneLake, enabling your users to confidently generate reliable BI and analytics.

End-to-End Data Orchestration

With its ability to manage the complete data lifecycle—from collection to transformation and final delivery to visualization and reporting tools—Jet offers extensive orchestration capabilities within Fabric, guaranteeing a smooth workflow throughout the process.

Code Portability and Flexibility

Jet’s architecture ensures that your data solutions aren’t restricted to OneLake. It provides the ability to transfer code and procedures between various environments, preventing vendor lock-in and guaranteeing flexibility in response to changing business requirements.

Robust Security

Jet Analytics prioritizes your data security within the Microsoft Fabric ecosystem. insightsoftware’s security strategy is based on using metadata to automate, plan, and execute data operations, ensuring that we never touch your actual data. This reduces the possibility of data breaches or illegal access while offering a strong layer of protection for your priceless data assets. It also ensures that your sensitive information is unaltered and safe.

Get More from Microsoft Fabric with Jet Analytics

While Microsoft Fabric is a powerful data management tool, there are many technical roadblocks you must overcome before realizing its potential. Integrating Jet Analytics is your key to reducing the post-implementation learning curve and increasing time-to-value. Their combination offers a more scalable and user-friendly approach to Fabric data management, which will be especially helpful if your organization is trying to simplify data processes and streamline analytics.

Learn more about Jet Analytics with this informative brochure.

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