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A Beginner’s Guide to Embedded Analytics and BI

insightsoftware -
December 4, 2023

insightsoftware is a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, empowering organizations to unlock business data and transform the way finance and data teams operate.

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As analytics technology evolves, so do user needs and expectations. Many customers approach us hoping to boost their application’s analytics capabilities, which are often struggling to meet user demand. We hear the same analytics needs and challenges time and again:

Scalability and customization – Many of our clients struggle with the lack of embedded BI and Analytics solutions that can offer customized experiences, meet the needs of different user groups, provide a competitive advantage, enhance decision-making, and ensure scalability and data governance.

Insufficient functionality and dashboards – ISVs face demands from their users to uplevel their reporting (e.g., better drill down, more filtering options, real-time, self-service capabilities, exporting etc.). Homegrown solutions and some legacy competitors only offer very basic functionality leaving a potentially large feature gap for our clients.

Deployment and integration –ISVs wanting to embed BI and analytics capabilities into their applications frequently find it hard to deliver the seamless experience their end users expect. Common issues include multiple logins, a differing look and feel or branding, and inflexible user administration.

Logi Symphony is a suite of powerful Embedded Business Intelligence & Analytics (ABI) software that empowers Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and application teams to embed analytical capabilities and data visualizations into their SaaS applications.


7 Essential Resources for Your Embedded Analytics Journey


  1. Buy vs. DIY: Choosing the Right Embedded Analytics Strategy: In this webinar, we dive into how analytics continuously transforms the way organizations work, and how businesses increasingly depend on analytics to help generate insights, identify patterns, and forecast growth through dashboards, visualizations, and reports.
  2. How Embedded Analytics Boots Data-Driven Applications: The speed at which data comes into organizations is fast and furious. Learn how users of business applications want to quickly leverage this data to extract insights, make data-driven decisions, and take the best actions in our on-demand webinar.
  3. 4 Approaches to Data Analytics for Your Application: In a crowded BI and embedded analytics market, vendor confusion is the last thing that should stand in your way to better embedded dashboards and reports. Our white paper details how you and your clients can map a vendor’s capabilities to your business and technical requirements and ultimately partner with the right analytics provider.
  4. The Rise of Embedded Self-Service Analytics: More than ever before, software teams want to provide end users with enhanced capabilities to do their own reporting and analytics. Join us for this on-demand webinar where we discuss how Logi Composer’s embedded self-service capabilities can be tailored and configured to match the skill level of your end users.
  5. Blueprint to Modern Analytics: Starting your analytics modernization project with a blueprint gives you a high probability of success. You’ll discover in our white paper the proper steps, from requirements analysis to solution architecture and implementation, for building your blueprint so that it will provide the framework you need to develop a product that works — and that users are excited about adopting.
  6. Best Practices for Deploying and Scaling Embedded Analytics: As embedded analytics becomes increasingly complex, deploying and scaling it gets more complicated. This white paper explains how to simplify the deployment and scalability of your embedded analytics, along with important considerations for your environment architecture, application design, and deployment.
  7. How to Accelerate Your Analytics Project: Organizations are feeling the need to fast-track their analytics projects. In fact, many organizations are accelerating product development now to increase their competitive edge as economies rebound. Dig into our white paper to leverage the best practices for launching an analytics solution with small teams and tight deadlines.

The BI Market is crowded, and many claim to offer embedded analytics, but Logi Symphony specializes in it. Read our solutions overview to learn more and see if Logi Symphony is right for you.

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How to Make the Most of Your Data Insights with Logi Symphony

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