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The End is Near. Year End, That is…

Ah, closing the books. Undeniably the most dreaded and daunting process known within the realm of finance. The spreadsheets, the mass emails, the data manipulation – Oh, the horror! Though we can’t help you escape from the inevitable auditing coming your way, we can...

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3 Critical Planning Lessons Gleaned from Moneyball

In the movie, Moneyball, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) realizes quickly that their model is outdated, and unless they redefine the process, they will hit the same wall over and over again. This has strange similarities to practices in business—especially the rear-view...

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How to Go From Zero to Finance Hero

Modern finance professionals are facing more pressure than ever before The sheer amount of new responsibilities are adding stress to the role—taking what feels like superhero skills to balance between being flexible enough to change with the times, but strategic...

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How to Drive Your Dashboards Like A Boss

In a world where enterprise information is always at your fingertips, it would be assumed that making quick and educated business decisions would be effortless. Unfortunately, information overload has led to the opposite outcome for decision-making. So what drives...

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Datasheet: Hubble Financial Analytics

Insights and Information You Can See Hubble provides the visual analytics solution that takes live data out of your ERP and directly translates it into meaningful insights. With real-time, relevant dashboards, KPIs and scorecards, you can easily access and understand...

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Datasheet: Hubble Financial Reporting

Financials With Flexible Functionality  Reporting is essential to every organization and yet it is often an excruciating process. If you're finding it hard to extract the information you need out of your ERP, you aren't alone. But, it's time to put an end to all the...

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Datasheet: The Hubble Platform

Everything Is Connected With built-in ERP intelligence, security and tables, Hubble is fully understanding of all your data; no matter how much you have.  Enable the entire organization to understand, manage and predict the business with one solution in one platform....

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3 Best Practices of Financial Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a key part of the financial close process – and one that can be extremely time consuming and stressful. With finance departments being under pressure to close the books faster, reconciliation can be a manual undertaking that slows everything down....

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