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Utilities face immense uncertainty due to multiple, complex forces: the rise of renewable energy, a shifting regulatory landscape, new competitors and consolidations, unpredictable energy prices, and more. The outlook for utilities isn’t bleak, necessarily, but it will require all involved (regardless of size, location, or service model) to proceed carefully and adapt quickly, especially in regards to accounting and finance.

KPIs will be critical to that effort. Decision-makers need to know where key indicators sit at all times and how they change on a daily basis. Otherwise, sub-par information and a skewed understanding of circumstances could lead to bad decisions at a time when utilities need precision and accuracy.

insightsoftware has created a purpose-built, next-generation financial reporting tool that transforms how utilities interact with their financial information. Decision-makers can track how KPIs of their choosing change in real time. Even better, the information updates itself automatically without needing exhaustive inputs on the back end from the accounting or IT team. It’s an easier, more insightful way to track the financial pulse of the organization.

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