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Top Five KPIs for the Engineering Industry

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How well is your engineering firm doing financially? What are your present strengths and weaknesses? Are the numbers trending up or down? These are the kinds of questions that engineering firms need immediate answers to. Successful financial performance begins, always, by understanding the situation on the ground. Yet many engineering firms track the wrong metrics the wrong ways and far less often than they should, clouding their understanding of financial performance. It is no surprise that leads to less than optimal outcomes.

Real-time financial reporting, where numbers update automatically and data requests get fulfilled instantaneously, provides a whole new perspective on financial performance. Clarity replaces confusion just as confidence takes the place of uncertainty. With a tool that makes engineering KPIs more accessible and more insightful, engineering firms have the means to improve how they manage every dollar.

How does this tool work? What kinds of questions could it answer? What would the impact be on your firm? Get the answers to those questions by downloading a free dashboard. Built by the innovators at insightsoftware and tailored around the engineering KPIs that matter most, the dashboard serves as an essential tool for smart accounting in the service of better financial management. Download your free dashboard here and input your own data to see how your firm is doing in real time.

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