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Return on Equity

Return On Equity

Among the many financial KPIs that CFOs need to track, Return on Equity is one of the most important. It offers critical insights into profitability by comparing the amount of profit to the amount of shareholder equity. Decision-makers track Return on Equity to compare their own company’s performance against competitors and to get a sense of their ability to generate cash internally.

Tracking Return on Equity is essential, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Fortunately, insightsoftware has developed a dashboard specifically for Return on Equity that integrates all the relevant data over a 12-month period, along with helpful charts and graphs.

Download a free version of this dashboard below, simply plugging new values into the cells with blue text. You will see that with minimal effort, decision-makers have all the information and analysis they need to understand Return on Equity in detail. See what a better approach to financial metrics looks like by downloading the dashboard for free.

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Type: Dashboard Role: C-Level & Executive , Finance