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Profit and Loss Selection by Entity

Profit Loss Selection By Entity Example Dashboard

Take your P&L to the next level with the Profit and Loss selection by entity template.

When your organization is layered with a complex entity structure, reviewing hundreds of P&L’s can be a difficult process. With this new  template, a fast and efficient review of each of your organization’s P&L’s will now be possible. This template effectively combines a summarized P&L with a regional review by account and then compares the actual performance to your target.

Once downloaded the wizard will walk you through the selection of your P&L list, then assign the various attributes you’d like to get more detail on (e.g. the regional split shown in the example) and finally assist you with the comparative (actual vs. target) selection.

Change the POV dimension name into ‘Ref Scenario’ to use this dimension to compare the actual scenario with the selection made in the POV. Use a list for the POV with the only applicable scenarios.

“VariableName”: “@CAT_Actual”

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