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Profit and Loss Incl Predictive Analysis

Profit And Loss With Prediction Example Dashboard

Use an algorithm to help predict your future performance

This dashboard will provide the user with a prediction of future performance based on 2 full historical years. The prediction is made for the remainder of the current year and the next year. The power of this visualization is that you can compare budget to the prediction based on the historical trend.

This chart also uses the smart variance colouring (new CXO Software chart functionality!) where green means that you performed better than your budget and red shows that budget wasn’t met. The confidence interval determines the upper and lower confidence bounds of the prediction. The clearer a seasonal trend is, the thinner this area will be.

– Variable: @CAT_Actual
– Variable: @CAT_Budget
– Variable: @CAT_Forecast
– Enabled prediction functionality, together with at least 25 months of history

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