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Headcount Ratio Model

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Employees are the foundation of the enterprise, an asset that is impossible to function without. Yet employees are also a significant cost center that can drastically affect your bottom line. For both those reasons, companies need to track their headcount ratio closely. 

That means comparing the number of full-time employees to part-time employees, along with their associated expenses. With this ratio, companies can start to identify how their hiring practices and labor needs affect their overall financial performance. 

With all the other metrics to track, keeping a close eye on headcount and employment expenses can feel like a distraction, especially when the reporting process is slow and laborious. But relying on automation instead of manual labor makes the process easy to the point of being effortless. 

Download the free asset below to see how. You can change any of the blue figures to get a sense of how these data-driven performance dashboards work in action. Using insightsoftware’s solutions your ERP / EPM can be connected to feed in data automatically, allowing decision-makers to monitor headcount in real-time without having to update the number themselves. How could automated dashboards affect your own organization? Download this free example to find out. 

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