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Where does the public sector turn for insights into financial performance? Too often, officials turn to a static spreadsheet stuffed with facts and figures, many of them irrelevant and all of them lacking important context. To make matters worse, preparing that underwhelming spreadsheet probably took an accountant (or a team of them) hours of work hunting down numbers and updating calculations. It’s no wonder many government entities operate with an incomplete, out-of-date, or erroneous portrait of their money management.

Fortunately, world-class financial reporting capabilities are within reach of any government entity. With a dedicated financial reporting tool, key metrics update in real time and without needing any input on the back-end. One tool solves two of the biggest hurdles for government accountants at offices large and small. In the process, it facilitates the fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability the public expects from its institutions.

Discover how easy and insightful financial reporting can be by downloading a free Excel dashboard from insightsoftware. Take advantage of interactive features that let you plug in your own numbers, and observe how quickly the dashboard adapts to deliver an updated performance snapshot. Get the feel for a better way—download your dashboard here.

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