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Accounts Receivables KPIs

Accounts Receiveable Metrics

Accounts receivable has long been considered a key performance indicator (KPI) because it reveals something fundamental about how well a company is doing. Unfortunately, tracking this metric in a clear, cohesive, and comprehensive way hasn’t always been easy. That’s all changing thanks to the advent of performance dashboards from insightsoftware. Explore the design and function of one of these dynamic reports by downloading the free sample resource below.

Try changing the data in some of the spreadsheet cells, to see how these update the other numbers and visualizations. With one of these tools, anyone invested in accounts receivable has the numbers they rely on in one place to bring clarity to this complex area. Discover what the next generation of data-driven decision making looks by unlocking the asset below.

You will learn:

  • New ways of tracking accounts receivable performance
  • How dashboards aid in decision making
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Type: Dashboard Role: C-Level & Executive