Wands for Oracle Lunch & Learn – Top 5 Oracle ERP Cloud Migration Considerations

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Here’s your chance to catch up on all the best bits of our recent session, “Top 5 Things to Consider Before Moving to Oracle ERP Cloud”.

In this condensed session, insightsoftware’s John Brooks and Naill McLean explore the top five questions you’ll want to have answers to before starting your ERP Cloud migration:

  1. Will you be able to access your cloud data in the format you need?
  2. Are the “end user tools” in the cloud solution really for end users, or for IT and developers?
  3. Will your cloud vendor let you connect any additional tools you require?
  4. How will you reconcile that your data has successfully moved to the cloud?
  5. How will you access your legacy data for the next seven years?

With the renewed urgency we’ve seen building in the last few months around migrating ERP data to Cloud, this topic is understandably one that’s top of mind for many organizations. Unfortunately, a lot of Oracle EBS users are still in the dark about the impact this data migration may have on their reporting, access to current data, and ability to view their legacy data. Understanding these aspects prior to your migration can set your team up for success and ensure as little disruption to monthly reporting as possible.

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