The Power of Leveraging Excel for Flexible, Real-Time MRI Reporting

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MRI Software and other databases contain a treasure trove of data that is mission-critical to your organization. And while MRI has revolutionized your business, you likely still rely on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to report on various information. In fact, studies show that 80% of global executives still use spreadsheets to track and manage financial reporting on a daily basis, despite having an ERP system.

Join our webinar, The Power of Leveraging Excel for Flexible, Real-Time MRI Reporting, to learn how to unlock the power of your MRI data while leveraging a tool all business users are familiar with – Microsoft Excel!

See how MRI customers are using Spreadsheet Server to:

  • Create live, refreshable, drillable reports from any table of MRI data
  • Shave hundreds of hours off reporting time each year
  • Eliminate data integrity issues by removing manual reporting steps like data dumps and re-keying

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