The Future of Talent and Attracting and Retaining the Best

0012 Webinar Tracking Profit Interest Units For Your Llc Mlp

It used to be said that people work for companies, but now employees expect their companies to work for them. During these unprecedented times, this is especially true as today’s diverse and multi-generational workforce confronts a new range of challenges at home, at work and in the communities in which they live. But what do employees really want and what is the expectation they have of their employers?

During this special event, Surya Kolluri and Kai Walker of Bank of America, will discuss the latest trends in benefits and offer insight into employee expectations to help you gain a competitive advantage in your recruiting and retaining efforts.

In this interactive webinar, our speakers will:

  • Trace the financial journey of employees in the context of a multi-generational workforce
  • Offer insights from their latest research in terms of how employers can best understand and meet their employee needs across their life stages
  • Review the latest benefits trends for attracting top talent

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