Seven Steps to Implementing a Single Source of Truth

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Whether you’re in FP&A, Capital Management, or Controllership, data is at the center of everything – but are you able to trust your data? Although ERPs are good at collecting data, they do not provide easy access to data in the format you need. Therefore, ERPs offer sources of truth but fail to deliver it through a single access point.

In this webinar, we discuss implementing a single source of truth that helps you confidently understand current performance and forecast for the future. Create a centralized data model that provides your business with a consistent view of accurate metrics.

Key takeaways include:

  • Eliminate data silos. From compromising data accuracy to limited report views, data silos have company-wide impacts that can easily be resolved.
  • Remove labor-intensive, manual processes. Let your reporting tool do all the work by automating your processes to free up time for value-add analysis.
  • Keep your data secure. Leverage the same security built into your ERP to ensure users only see data within their credentials.

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