PowerBI in Comparison with CXO Software: Can Modern Day BI Tools Benefit Finance?

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Corporations all face different reporting needs based on both internal and external demands. Basic financial reporting is usually driven by tax authority rules and regulations and is typically mandatory. Management reporting, on the other hand, is often voluntary, driven by the need for more information about the business. It also significantly enhances financial reporting with segmentation, KPIs, and near real-time analysis.

In order for data to be usable, users need to be able to access it in a flexible reporting tool that reflects the natural structure of the company. But what does that look like?

This study by business intelligence expert Philipp Claussen dives into what kinds of modern day BI tools can benefit finance. You’ll learn:

  • How to work out the technical and content requirements of financial reporting and dashboarding
  • How to organize and structure data for safe and reliable financial reporting
  • Why you need structure in BI implementations
  • The starting point for further analysis and reporting

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