New Word Integration Walkthrough

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Jet Resource Word Integration

If you haven’t already upgraded to the latest version of Jet, here is a great reason to do so! Version 20.0 (released April 30th 2019) includes a new Word integration feature that makes including your data, charts, and graphs from Jet Reports into a Word document a snap! Join us for a full tour of the new Word Integration feature while we walk you through real-world examples for why and how to use it!

We’ll cover:

  • What the new Microsoft Word Integration feature is and includes
  • How to use the new “Configure Word Export” button added to the Jet Ribbon
  • How to define ranges for merging Jet Reports data into Word
  • How to select charts and graphs to embed in your Word document
  • Real examples of when and why you will want to use this new feature

Say goodbye to the manual process of cutting and pasting reports and charts, and hello to a faster and easier way to generate Microsoft Word documents using Jet data.

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