Hubble Best Practices: Restatement and Hierarchies

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10 2021 Webinar Hubblebestpracticesreinstatementhierarchies Website Webinar

Throughout the year we’ve provided our Hubble users a wide array of tips & tricks when it comes to functionality within the system. In our latest Best Practices session, we will discuss Restatement and Hierarchies within Hubble.

Join us for a free webinar as Senior Solutions Engineer, Derious Malone, demonstrates:

  • How to effectively utilize the restatement functionality
  • Ways you can quickly create and customize hierarchies


Speaker’s bio: Derious Malone, Senior Solutions Engineer

Derious joined insightsoftware in 2008 with 14+ years’ experience of full lifecycle JDE implementation. Eight of those years he was employed directly by JDE and the remainder with various JDE clients in the role of Director or Project Manager, in addition to 9 years of accounting experience.

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