How to Select Budgeting Software for Microsoft Dynamics

Jet Resource Select Budgeting Software

While delays, inaccuracies, lack of control and overall effectiveness of a company’s budgeting processes clearly exist, there is hesitation about introducing a new budgeting solution to the mix. In general, there’s confusion about the time and costs required to implement a new solution, an uncertainty about what budgeting products integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, and an insecurity about how it will be adopted by the organization’s executive team, budget owners, and contributors.

In order to get the most value out of the time, resources, and money you invest in a budgeting solution, it’s important to identify what features you need and what tools are out there. In this white paper, we will be covering exactly what you need to fill the gaps in your current budgeting processes and provide a comparison of solutions on the market. Our goal is to help you become more efficient and reach your financial goals faster with a better budgeting solution for Microsoft Dynamics!

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