How Edwards Life Sciences Successfully Transformed its Operational Transfer Pricing Capabilities

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Transforming Your Otp Process

A climate of increased public scrutiny, oversight from tax authorities, and growing business risk makes improving an organization’s operational transfer pricing (OTP) practices more essential than ever. Thankfully, recent technology advances are drastically streamlining how OTP is managed. Yet moving away from manual, spreadsheet-based processes can still feel daunting, with many fearing that the road to upgraded technology and expanded capabilities, could be a bumpy ride.

The key to success when rolling out the new technology, processes, and training is careful planning. One organization who has successfully followed this path is Edwards Life Sciences. Hear Arthur Bichler, Manager of Tax Technology at Edwards Life Sciences, share the process he followed to steer this large organization with sales in 100 different countries toward an entirely new OTP system.

In this free, on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The most common external threats and internal weaknesses driving multinational enterprises to revisit their OTP
  • The five steps Edwards Life Sciences followed to improve the people, processes, governance checks, and technology used throughout the entire OTP process
  • Why upgrading key processes and technology in today’s business climate is a long-term play that organizations must remain committed to, to stay ahead of the game

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