Financial Intelligence and PeopleSoft: Why Connecting You to Your Data is the Key to Greater Productivity

Webinar Financial Intelligence And Peoplesoft Rsc

Financial intelligence isn’t software; it’s how best-in-class finance teams operate. It is higher-order thinking that’s out of the weeds. The remit of the modern office of the CFO has broadened to encompass both guide and governance responsibilities. This requires spending less time on traditional (often manual) reporting and closing processes, and more time on analysis to uncover and share strategic insights that help drive the organization forward. PeopleSoft has tools like nVision for your work in Excel, but it’s not designed to be finance-owned. Time-consuming, IT-intensive tasks like report creation and maintenance limit your capacity for value-added analysis. You want to spend less time formatting reports and queries, and submitting endless tickets to IT for report requests, and more time on strategic analysis and improvements.

Download this FREE webinar where we show you:

  • The difference between business intelligence (BI) and financial intelligence (FI)
  • How to make recurring tasks like reconciling trial balances to the general ledger faster and easier
  • An easier way to stay in trusted Excel, without having to rely upon your IT department or a small group of power users for your reporting needs
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