Filter Fever: Creating Report Options

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Jet Resource Filter Fever

Including easy-to-use and intuitive filters in your reports is the best way to add flexibility and usability for all Jet users. Join this webinar to learn the types of filters you can include in your reports with Jet, and the techniques to build in impressive, robust options. We’ll cover:

  • How to create a report options page that enables more self-service for every user.
  • How to build filter pop-up boxes so users can be prompted to apply their own parameters before refreshing a report.
  • How to include lookups for filters so users don’t have to guess on the correct or available criteria they can apply to a report.
  • How to add tooltips and messages that take the guesswork out of using reports.
  • Advanced skills such as adding filter rule validation and creating options from inputs that are based off calculations or data that may not be in Dynamics.

These powerful option tools are the real behind the scenes star of what makes happy report users, so don’t miss this in-depth walkthrough on how to set them up! Once you see how helpful they are and how easy it is to do, we’re confident you’ll be blasting #FebruaryFilterFever all month long.

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