Exercise Control Over Financial Reporting with Real-Time Data

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As business leaders struggle to make sense of an increasing volume of data, business intelligence (BI) is playing a more important role than ever before. Effective reporting provides the clarity and insight necessary to manage a business well, especially during uncertain times.

Many of the big ERP software vendors are promoting tools and technologies that can help them build their market presence in the BI space. Finance leaders should proceed with caution, though, as the complexity and long-term costs associated with such offerings are usually not identified until it’s too late.

Faced with the choice between legacy ERP reporting tools that offer limited flexibility and a new breed of architecturally complex BI platforms, more and more business leaders are turning to a third alternative. Purpose-built reporting tools offer time-tested simplicity and flexibility, with complete visibility of company operations and finances. When anyone in the organization can easily design or modify custom reports and dashboards to suit their specific needs, an organization can have the best of both worlds: robust reporting capabilities without the high costs and uncertainty.

In this guide, learn how to take financial reporting to the next level with real-time data and mitigate risks, all without having to make a significant investment in upgrading your current ERP.

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