Embracing the Digitized Tax Function

04 2021 Webinar Digitizedtaxfunction Resource (1)

Corporate tax teams bear a lot of responsibility, and recent disruptions have highlighted the need to transform and quickly become more proactive and agile. Increasingly complex tax environments and scrutiny from tax authorities are two of the many drivers accelerating this transformation.

So how do tax teams exercise control of their own strategic agenda, address gaps, and bring value to the business? By leveraging innovative technology that reduces manual processes and boosts analytical capabilities.

Join KPMG and insightsoftware to learn how implementing a solid framework that centralizes data and automates calculations can empower tax teams to improve the present and enable the future.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Changing statutory and multinational regulations
  • Predictions for the evolution of the tax function and how advancements in tax technology can address them
  • Digital transformation and the impact on tax teams’ composition
  • How control framework in software mitigates risks and provides tools to satisfy auditors and authorities
  • Where tax technology is headed
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