2022 Finance Team Trends: Doing More with Less

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The global events of the past two years put digital transformation efforts into overdrive for many organizations. A global pandemic precipitated the widespread adoption of remote work. Consequently, we saw a dramatic shift in worker priorities which led to an exodus from the corporate world that has been dubbed as “the Great Resignation.”

Finance is not immune to these events. So, for the second year running, insightsoftware partnered with Hanover Research to discover how finance teams are rising to the challenges they face and where they are falling short. For example, results found that a staggering 80 percent of finance teams admit that they are over-reliant on IT.

This webinar, “2022 Finance Team Trends: Doing More with Less,” will feature presentations from James Wilcox, Managing Director at Hanover Research, and Bryan Motteram, Vice President Product Marketing at insightsoftware. They will explore critical findings from this independent research study and discuss how finance teams can implement scalable, flexible processes to drive better results and become more self-sufficient. This is your chance to see how you compare to your peers and discover:

  • How to boost organizational agility to support rapid, strategic decision making in an ever-changing market
  • How you can rise to the challenge of scalability and the need to do more with less in an environment where good talent can be hard to come by
  • Why finance teams need greater self-service capabilities to cope with expanded responsibilities and expectations of other business areas

Join us to learn how to address the challenges and priorities highlighted in the survey, so you can free up more time to spend on analysis, improve confidence in your numbers, and make better, data-driven decisions to drive long-term business growth.

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