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Fast, Flexible Financial Reporting for Government

Harness your agency’s data to eliminate inefficiencies and gain deeper insights with purpose-built financial reporting solutions.

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Customizable Government Reporting That Puts Finance in Control

Empower your finance team to build refreshable reports in minutes, without help from IT or consultants. Simple drag and drop report building allows you to filter on any field for ultimate flexibility to support rapid decisions.

  • Statement of Activities
  • Statement of Net Assets
  • Budgeting Ratios
  • Fiduciary Funds Reports
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Statement of Functional Expenses
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • CAFR

Critical Government Reports Deserve More Than a Static Spreadsheet

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Shrink Reporting Cycles and Effort

Without manual data pulls or reliance on IT, quickly respond to departmental requests for reports while leaving more time to focus on analysis and sharing insights.

Real-Time, Drillable Government Reports in Excel

With direct access to real-time data, drill into funds, assets, and expenses to find and quickly fix reconciliation or data integrity issues.

Increase Flexibility and Comply with Changing Regulations

Stay agile by using a reporting tool that allows for easy adjustments so you can comply with government regulations as they change.

Financial Reporting for Government Finance Teams

[Spreadsheet Server] automated manual reports and analytical projects. Processes streamlined included monthly, annual, and budgetary report preparation and distribution.

- Mary Nelson
Chief Financial Officer, Port of Grays Harbor

We really like the ability to use Excel to produce our published financial statements. Spreadsheet Server's ability to link directly into the MUNIS GL on a real-time basis using Excel is a big selling point for us.

- Carl Shaw
Accounting Manager, City of Bainbridge Island

Create a Single Source of Truth for Reporting and Analytics

Eliminate data silos by merging data from multiple systems to ensure consistent, accurate decision making across the organization.

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