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Are Your Teams and End Users Frustrated With Conventional Analytics?

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Inflexible Analytics With Limited Capabilities

End users increasingly demand personalized analytics experiences. Basic functionality fails to deliver a superior analytics experience that matches the power of your app or the expectations of your users.

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Data Connectivity and Security Challenges

Disparate data sources make it difficult to leverage all your data and security requires extensive duplication across different layers of the application, increasing vulnerabilities and reducing control over user access while taxing your team.

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Analytics That Aare Difficult to Scale As You Grow

Analytics tools that don’t leverage your existing infrastructure cause inadequate deployment flexibility and scalability, making the delivery of your analytics applications time consuming and painful.

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Scalable, Fully Customizable, Developer-grade Analytics Platform

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Low-code Platform for Rapid, Scalable Creation and Deployment of Analytics Applications

Build Your Own or Embed Into an Existing Application

Logi Info allows you to create a completely custom analytics application that can exist as a layer in an existing application or can standalone.

Fully Customize the User Experience

Logi Info gives you complete control over the user experience. Implement global branding with custom themes, CSS, and JavaScript, and use available plug-ins to extend capabilities and meet unique needs.

Allow Your Users to Drive their Own Insights

Logi Info allows you to customize the amount of self- service so your users can drive their own discovery.

Use Your Security Framework

Logi Info’s adaptive security enables you to use your existing security model, eliminating the need for the extra development effort of on-going maintenance. With support for multi-tenancy, you can create an application once and securely deploy it in the cloud or on-premise.

No More Convoluted Data Models or Complex Integration

With seamless connectivity to relational, Big Data, files, and web services, you can gather insights from all your data across multiple databases, applications, and cloud services.

Ultimate Control and Productivity for Developers

Logi Info gives you unmatched control over the analytics experience, empowering you to deliver engaging and cutting-edge analytics that are unique to your application.

  • Logi Info provides more thanover 800 powerful pre-built analytical features – including data visualizations, dashboards, and interactive data discovery – which can be easily combined to create a unique and differentiated end user experience.
  • Logi Info’s embedded API allows your product team to expose analytics exactly as you desire, within the flow of your existing application, so end users never leave your app.
  • With Logi Info’s theme capabilities, you have the power to embed analytics that match the exact visual brand look and feel of your existing application.
  • Logi Info enables your product team to selectively expose advanced end user self-service capabilities that keep them engaged in your application, while reducing the backlog of requests for custom reports and visualizations.
  • Logi Info is 100% extensible, making it easy to add external application elements that meet unique requirements, without the burden of a long development cycle.
  • Database write-backs and backend process and API calls enable end users to directly update source systems.
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Adaptive Security and Integration

Seamlessly connect to multiple data sources, applications, and cloud services while using Logi Info’s adaptive security framework to use existing security models.

  • Logi Info’s adaptive security model enables a Logi application to seamlessly inherit your existing security model, eliminating friction and duplicative efforts, both for your team and application end users.
  • Flexible and customizable security options provide detailed security at every layer of your application including reports, visuals, and data columns and rows.
  • Build your application once and securely deploy in the cloud or on-premises for any number of customers with support for multitenancy.
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Integrated infrastructure and architecture

Logi Info leverages your current investments and infrastructure, with deployment flexibility and scalability for a streamlined delivery of analytics applications.

  • With the flexibility to deploy on Windows or Linux server infrastructure, in the cloud or on-premises, Logi Info removes the need for re-designing or retrofitting your environment to support world class analytics.
  • Logi Info scales linearly with your existing server infrastructure, enabling faster product lifecycles without the burdens of managing and maintaining proprietary hardware.
  • Logi Info leverages the data infrastructure you already have in place, eliminating the need for redundant data investments.
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The nail in the coffin was when we started looking at what it would take to maintain a homegrown solution. It wasn’t just the technical support, but the ongoing investment needed to update and enhance the analytics down the road.

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