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Schindler elevates data visualisation with Vizlib’s Qlik Sense extensions


Schindler is one of the world’s leading providers of elevators, escalators and moving walks. Founded in 1874 in Switzerland, today Schindler’s elevators move over one billion people per day. And, as they like to put it, “keep the urban world moving, safely, comfortably and efficiently, 24/7 worldwide”.

Since Schindler manufactures, installs, services and modernizes elevators, escalators and moving walks for almost every type of building requirement worldwide, the amount of valuable data amassed within the company is staggering.

We are talking to Erich Muff, Senior Manager, Center of Excellence for Data Innovation & Transformation at Schindler Elevator Corporation and Qlik Luminary 2019, about Schindler’s approach to data visualization and what led them to Vizlib.

Making data more accessible. For everyone

One of the key benefits of leveraging data visualization in business is the ability to convey complex information in a user-friendly and understandable manner. And for organizations that strive to nurture a true data-driven culture, finding a way to quickly onboard and engage users is a huge success factor.

Schindler found they can tick all those boxes by using Vizlib’s advanced value-added products for Qlik Sense to take their data visualizations to a whole new level.

We visualize data to allow our teams to access their data in an easily digestible way that helps them make the right business decisions, fast”says Erich Muff.

Empowering decision-makers to turn data into insights with just a few clicks can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the overall business performance. Talking about the top use cases for data visualization at Schindler, Erich Muff explains:

Our field teams use data visualizations to lead their weekly sales and operations meetings and drill-down into ad-hoc issues quickly. Besides, all our teams look at the same data visualizations, which saves us a lot of time explaining what the data means and allows us to make decisions faster than ever before.

Vizlib’s plug-and-play value-added products come in particularly handy when organisations require a more dynamic way to interact with their data. Whether it’s drilling down to uncover meaningful insights or using interactive charts like the Sankey to visualise data flows and spot trends, users can start visualising data in seconds, without any technical knowledge.

Keen to learn what Erich’s favourite Vizlib capabilities are, we get a quick and confident answer: “Sankey Chart and Bar Chart are the best!”

Vizlib as a means of driving data adoption

What are the biggest hurdles in driving data adoption in large organisations? Erich Muff counts three and walks us through his tried-and-tested solutions.

Example of Vizlib dashboards


  • 1. Building trust

    Of non-technical functions in need for automation and simple visualisations.

  • 2. Getting started

    Have the team take their first steps ( just do it, don’t be afraid) and learn the basics of how to make use of the available data in an impactful and scalable way.

  • 3. Elevating Data Literacy

    Train the team to visualize their key message and make the data tell a clear story. It takes a little bit of practice and a change towards a best-in-class mindset.

To improve the speed and effectiveness of their decision-making process, Schindler searched for a standardised way to customise their data visualisations and increase data adoption across the organization. It’s BARDESS, Schindler’s Qlik Sense implementation consultant, that introduced the Vizlib solution.

BARDESS has been instrumental to our success in delivering best-in-class Business Intelligence to our team, remembers Muff. And the V-team has been a great partner on our digitization journey – from the day when we saw our first demo from Martin to when we needed support! Vizlib helped us with easy-to-use capabilities to customize our visualizations. It requires absolutely no coding experience – everyone on our team can use Vizlib.

Erich Muff Senior Manager, Center of Excellence for Data Innovation & Transformation

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