Leading HR Multinational Saves Time and Improves Reporting Accuracy Using CXO Software

Randstad harnessed the business intelligence of CXO Software to overhaul its reporting processes and become a more efficient, data-driven organization



Randstad was looking to make better use of information and drive the transition toward a more data-driven, fact-based way of working. A key factor in reaching the objective involved significantly improving the flexibility and performance of reporting and analytics processes.

Prior to 2017, the reporting process was a complex, multi-stage undertaking that relied heavily on a series of repetitive processes. Meanwhile, with so much data to include, the final output of the process was typically a heavy, 150-page paper booklet that was difficult and time consuming for users to sift through.

Of all the steps in the chain, the lack of automated connectivity between the Tagetik source system and the datasheets was arguably the most time consuming. Randstad needed software that offered automated connectivity with Tagetik.


CXO Software was selected for its core functionality, in particular, its capacity to solve finance-specific problems. As CXO Software is a fully finance-owned solution, Ranstad was able to maintain control and ownership of the software within the business without needing IT assistance.

The biggest change since the introduction of CXO Software has been the speed with which reports can be produced. Running a group-wide P&L from Tagetik now takes 60 seconds, compared with 45 minutes under the previous system. What was once a time-consuming, repetitive reporting process has become a continuous, fully-automated system, without any manual steps to hold things up. Meanwhile, automation has also brought greater accuracy across reporting processes.

For end-users, the benefits of the new system are also clear to see: With the use of paper print-outs eliminated, management and C-level users can now easily access the data they are looking for, whether on their office desktop or their mobile device.

“Having a partner on board who truly supports you is a great feeling. We have the freedom to try new ideas and innovations knowing that they always have our back. With CXO Software, we know that our success is their success.”

Niels Meijer
Delivery Manager

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