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Understanding Transactional Information in Real Time

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Qualcomm, Incorporated, with more than 200 offices worldwide and over 26,000 employees, is a leading provider of next-generation mobile (wireless) devices and technologies.


With a core mission of inventing mobile technology breakthroughs, business intelligence (BI) reporting is of significant strategic importance for Qualcomm. However, over time, it had accumulated a tremendous volume of reports using the same data sources, with more than 1000 active users from different locations around the world. These active users produce tens of thousands of report runs each month.

While a majority of these were casual, once-per-month users, Qualcomm estimated that at least 800 were heavy, daily users, whose jobs were critically dependent on the reporting systems to deliver real-time transactional information.

The company’s Supply Chain, Business Operations and Finance departments had in excess of 3,400 unique reports, which suffered from duplication issues. In addition, some report content had become obsolete as the company’s business changed.

For Qualcomm, the biggest challenge was identifying a solution to streamline reporting, increase efficiencies and reduce the number of customized reports. In addition, Qualcomm sought to simplify and migrate multiple systems to one, central reporting platform.


Qualcomm pursued a new BI strategy, which included eliminating a massive amount of report customizations and involved replacing its existing reporting platform. In evaluating several operational reporting tools on the market, Qualcomm determined that the insightsoftware solution – with global operational reporting views – would be the most effective due to rich reporting content, and the end-to-end solution set.

The insightsoftware search functionality identifies required content and provides visibility into the data structure and version changes. Qualcomm’s prior experience with insightsoftware’s standard views solution had been very positive, so the company chose to stick with insightsoftware, selecting it as the strategic reporting solution for its flexible, customizable user interface.


insightsoftware’s solution enabled Qualcomm to achieve its goals of reducing the number of packaged reporting tools in use and establishing a single reporting portal to simplify user experience, and reduce custom reports by 90%. This streamlined environment helped to enforce one Golden Copy, ensuring all users would see the same data – a single version of the truth. Users are now able to pivot the same reports to view the information in various ways. This reduction in the number of reports is far more manageable and simplifies the upgrade process and monthly maintenance.

Furthermore, the project helped to remove the silos across the company, allowing disparate business units to work together to achieve business goals.

Development teams across Qualcomm’s businesses joined forces and established commonly accepted reporting practices and formats for templates. Qualcommnow has standard templates for look, feel and functionality applied to every new report.

With insightsoftware, Qualcomm co-developed a new monthly-views-focused BI content deployment strategy, which minimized its system downtime.

With its revamped reporting structures and insightsoftware’s solution in place, Qualcomm is able to provide better and faster information to its 1000 end users.

We chose insightsoftware’s operational reporting solution with global views and Oracle OBIEE, consolidating multiple software packages to a single reporting portal, and reduced the number of reports by 90%. This is a far more manageable environment, and ensures that all of our users are seeing and using the same accurate and consistent information.

Patrick Bonahoom Staff Manager of IT

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