Hubble Revolutionizes Financial Planning for Multinational Facilities Manager

ISS Facilities Management selected Hubble as a fully integrated solution, and is now able to run budgeting, reporting, and planning all in one place



Stuck on traditional JDE reporting, ISS Facilities Management was relying solely on one part-time developer to write all of the company’s reports. Retrieving data was a challenge, and the backlog in receiving it had become unfathomable.

ISS wanted a single system for budgeting, reporting, and planning. The goal was to allow all 70 employees involved in the budgeting process to be able to collaborate on each budgeting cycle in the same space.

The company was well aware of the inefficiencies that came with relying on Excel for budgeting. Although there is no doubt Excel was extremely essential to many parts of financial management, it simply was not meant to be used to run an entire business.

Fully aware of the issues at hand and eager to implement a more transparent process, ISS was prepared to completely reengineer the way things had been run.


In came Hubble, and with it a fully integrated solution offering budgeting, reporting, and planning all in one. Once the solution was fully implemented across all business units, ISS users could easily get going in no time. In addition, they found the complete Excel functionality within the solution to be extremely beneficial. They could now easily manage the numbers in any way they needed without importation or extraction.

North American CIO Anthony Lackey was impressed: “We put together a fairly sophisticated model, anything you could access in Excel, including saving files in binary format, vba codes, and complex formulas; anything you could imagine, you could do, and then run it against any one of your business units.”

With the help of Hubble, ISS transformed its budgeting and reporting processes for the better. Within a year, ISS was able to eliminate thousands of redundant, error-prone static spreadsheets. The company even reduced the time it took on each budgeting cycle, creating time instead of creating chaos. Furthermore, the ability to manage financial planning within Hubble was revolutionary to the entire ISS business.

“What we previously produced within ten days and a tremendous amount of people, we can now create with just the touch of a button. This has transformed the business.”

Anthony Lackey
North American branch CIO
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No More Errors

Use of redundant, error-prone static spreadsheets now eliminated

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Easy Onboarding

As Hubble is built with a JDE look and feel in mind, users can easily get started in no time

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Fully Integrated Solution

A single, centralized system for budgeting, reporting, and planning