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Housing Provider Puts Power into the Hands of Employees with Performance Management Tool

ASRA Housing Group brings in Hubble and places the power in the hands of staff, so the business can continue to run without the extensive support of the finance department



Having used Oracle for five years, ASRA was finding that its reporting methodologies were dated and daunting. In fact, procedures were so difficult that they were struggling to provide information necessary to tenants, landlords, and the business itself. A frustrating situation for many, but most frustrating for ASRA’s Head of Financial Systems, Balwant Basran.

When the business could not access the information they needed, they ended up looking to Basran to solve the problem. Basran found himself spending his time creating inflexible reports with Oracle’s FSG and Discoverer. With all of his time spent just trying to figure out what the business was doing, Basran had no time left to actually guide the business. In an effort to fix this issue, he decided to make changes.

Having been informed about Hubble by insightsoftware from various user groups, Basran decided to request a demo so he and his team could see the capabilities first hand.


A trial of Hubble left Basran and his colleagues highly impressed. Unlike other reporting systems ERP reporting solutions, Hubble runs over Oracle data in real time, allowing Basran and his team to see insights in seconds. Completely impressed, the accounting and finance teams had found their one and only reporting solution. Within a day, they had completed installation. Within two days, their users were trained, creating reports, and running inquiries.

End-users are now able to answer their own questions without calling on finance, and management receives fast turnaround on critical reports. Just like that, the whole business was benefitting all the way up to the board level, and Basran could finally get back to managing the business with confidence.

"With Hubble, the power is placed in the hands of the users, and I can rest easy in the knowledge that the business will continue to run when I'm out of the office."

Balwant Basran Head of Financial Systems

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